We clearly depend on the contributions of scientists/working on horticultural crops (both as submitters and reviewers) throughout the world to maintain the high quality of the articles published in JAH and we value the association of each author and reviewer with the journal and the society. We realize that it is in the best interest of the community related to Horticulture, and in the best interest of the Society, both from a scientific and a business perspective, to have strong journals. Every effort is being made to keep publication costs as low as possible and consistent with maintaining the requisite quality.

Until recently the cost of wide dissemination of science literature was very high, due to the need to print and mail journals. Actually, the major proportion of costs have always been in preparation, not print, paper, and mailing. This is particularly true for the most specialized journals. Consequently, page charges could never realistically have covered the cost. However, the charges are subsidized and mandatory for publication.

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