Journal Of Applied Horticulture ISSN: 0972-1045


Narendra Kumar; Dimri, D C; Nigam, J K

Department of Horticulture, G.B. Pant University of Agri & Tech., Hill Campus, Ranichauri - 249 199, (Uttaranchal), India.

Key words: acidity, ascorbic acid, brix, chemical composition, crop quality, cultivars, fruits, humid zones, peaches, physicochemical properties, plant composition, size, sugar content, sugars, temperate climate, volume, weight

Journal of Applied Horticulture, 2003, volume 5, issue 2, pages 110-111.

Abstract: Six important peach cultivars namely, Tessia Samisto, Early White Giant, Stark Early Giant, Hales Early, Crawford Early and July Elberta, were evaluated for their physico-chemical traits under humid temperate mid-hill conditions of Uttaranchal, India during 2000/01. The maximum fruit size (6.72x6.15 cm), weight (89.21 g) and volume (91.51 ml) were recorded in Crawford Early, followed by July Elberta (5.68x5.47 cm, 81.69 g and 83.14 ml, respectively). The maximum TSS (12.79 degrees Brix) and total sugars (11.56%) were also registered in July Elberta, whereas maximum acidity (0.98%) and ascorbic acid (6.42 mg/100 g) were recorded in the cultivars Hales Early and July Elberta, respectively. On the basis of these parameters, July Elberta and Crawford Early have been found superior under mid-hill conditions of Uttaranchal.

Journal of Applied Horticulture