Journal Of Applied Horticulture ISSN: 0972-1045


Reza Farzinebrahimi, Rosna Mat Taha and Kamaludin A Rashid

Institute of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur-50603, Malaysia.

Key words: Curculigo latifolia Dryand, lemba, soil media, light intensity, leaf growth, plant height

Journal of Applied Horticulture, 2013, volume 15, issue 3, pages 224-226.

Abstract: Growth and survival percentage of Curculigo latifolia Dryand under different light intensity and various soil media was studied to work out suitable growing conditions for the species. Three light intensity (25, 50 and 100%) and soil media consisting topsoil, organic manure and sand as 1:1:1 (T1), 2:3:1 (T2) and 3:2:1 (T3) were used as treatments for planting C. latifolia. When multiplied by rhizomes, the survival rates in all treatments were 100%, however the leaf growth and number were influenced by light intensity and soil media. There were no significant differences of leaf growth between T1 and T3 under 50% light and T2 under 100 % light. However, in T2 under 25% light higher leaf number and in T1 (1:1:1) under 50% light higher plant height was observed. The species was successfully regenerated by rhizomes for the present study. The study revealed that light intensity has significant effect on plant height and leaf number of C. latifolia. Soil media influenced the height and leaf number with different effect under varying light intensities.

Journal of Applied Horticulture