Journal Of Applied Horticulture ISSN: 0972-1045


Duong Tan Nhut, Nguyen Duy, Nguyen Nhu Ha Vy, Chau Diem Khue, Dinh Van Khiem and Do Nang Vinh

Department of Plant Biotechnology, Dalat Institute of Biology, 116 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Da Lat, Lam Dong, Vietnam; Institute of Agricultural Genetics, Ha Noi, Vietnam.

Key words: Anthurium andraeanum, genotypes, leaf explants, callus induction, shoot regeneration, root regeneration.

Journal of Applied Horticulture, 2006, volume 8, issue 2, pages 135-137.

Abstract: In this study, the most critical step in Anthurium micropropagation was the induction of primary calli from leaf segments. Genotype played an important role during in vitro multiplication of Anthurium. Callus induction from leaf segments was examined in ten Anthurium cultivars: 'Carnaval', 'Neon', 'Choco', 'Sonate', 'Midori', 'Pistache', 'Tropical', 'Safari', 'Arizona' and 'Cancan' on MS medium supplemented with 1 mg L1 BA, 0.08 mg L1 2,4-D, 30 g L1 glucose, 8 g L1 agar and adjusted to pH 6.0. After 100 days, leaf segments of eight genotypes formed calli, among them, cultivar 'Pistache' had the highest callus induction ratio (65.1%) and two genotypes, 'Carnaval' and 'Cancan', showed no response. After multiplication, calli were subcultured on shoot regeneration medium, 1/2 MS with NH4NO3 level adjusted to 0.206 g L-1, added with 20 g L-1 glucose, 1 mg L-1 BA, 8 g L-1 agar and adjusted to pH 6.0. Shoots were obtained from all cultivars with different potential of shoot regeneration. The average number of shoots per explant in 'Tropical' (10.1) was higher than that of 'Choco' (4.3) and 'Pistache' (3.5), and shoots (at least 10 mm high) were excised and cultured on rooting medium, 30 g L-1 glucose, 8 g L-1 agar and 1 g L-1 activated charcoal added to 1/4 MS medium. All shoots consistently formed roots after 30 days and plantlets developed well after being transferred to the nursery. The propagation process took 10 and a half months to complete.

Impact of Anthurium spp. genotype on callus induction derived from leaf explants, and shoot and root regeneration capacity from callus

Journal of Applied Horticulture