Selected Contents of Volume 8(2), 2006

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Research Papers

Transgenic tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) overexpressing cAPX exhibits enhanced tolerance to UV-B and heat stress--Yueju Wang, Michael Wisniewski, Richard Meilan, Minggang Cui and Leslie Fuchigami (USA)                                      

The effect of anti-hail nets on fruit protection, radiation, temperature, quality and profitability of ‘Mondial Gala’ apples--Ignasi Iglesias and Simó Alegre (Spain)                                                                             

Induction of phenolic compounds biosynthesis with light irradiation in the flesh of red and yellow apples--D. Bakhshi and O. Arakawa (Japan)

a* values to follow lycopene concentration during ripening and storage of tomato (cv. Caruso)-Axelle Schauwers, Ada M.C.N. Rocha and Alcina M.M.B. Morais (Portugal)

Effects of abusive temperatures on the postharvest quality of lettuce leaves: ascorbic acid loss and microbial growth-María del R. Moreira, Alejandra G. Ponce, Carlos E. del Valle, R. Ansorena and S.I. Roura (Argentina)

Shelf-life and quality of apple fruits in response to postharvest application of UV-C radiation-Syavash Hemmaty, Noorollah Moallemi  and Lotfali Naseri (Iran)

Effects of sugars and aminooxyacetic acid on the longevity of pollinated Dendrobium (Heang Beauty) flowers -S. Chandran, C.L. Toh, R. Zuliana, Y.K. Yip, H. Nair and A.N. Boyce (Malaysia)

Effect of bud scale removal and AOA on bud break and ACC content of ‘Muscat Bailey A’ grapevines -Ali R. El-Shereif, Fusao Mizutani, Justus M. Onguso and A.B.M. Sharif Hossain (Japan)

Impact of Anthurium spp. genotype on callus induction derived from leaf explants, and shoot and root regeneration capacity from callus--Duong Tan Nhut, Nguyen Duy, Nguyen Nhu Ha Vy, Chau Diem Khue, Dinh Van Khiem  and Do Nang Vinh (Vietnam)

A one step in vitro cloning procedure for Red Globe grape: The influence of basal media and plant growth regulators-M.S. Barreto, A. Nookaraju, N.V.M. Harini and D.C. Agrawal (India)

Anthocyanin accumulation in the hypocotyl and petal of Red Agati (Sesbania grandiflora), an ornamental legume-Kitti Bodhipadma, Sompoch Noichinda, Sasikan Udomrati, Goravis Nathalang, Boonyuen Kijwijan and David W.M. Leung (Thailand)

Economic rationale of commercial organic fertilizer technology in vegetable production in Osun State of Nigeria-T. Alimi, O.C. Ajewole, O.O. Olubode-Awosola and E.O. Idowu (Nigeria)

Technical and economic aspects of utilizing fibrous wool composts in horticulture -K.C. Das, P.A. Annis, E. W.Tollner and S. Dudka (USA)