Selected Contents of Volume 8(1), 2006

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Research Papers 
  • Effect of grafting on growth and yield of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) in greenhouse and open-field-E.M. Khah, E. Kakava, A. Mavromatis and C. Goulas (Greece)
  • Effect of slow release fertiliser on the growth of containerised Flannel flower (Actinotus helianthi Labill., Apiaceae) - Lotte von Richter and Catherine A. Offord (Australia)
  • Biodegradable paper/polymerized vegetable oil mulches for production of tomatoes and peppers - Randal. L. Shogren and Monica David (USA)
  • Use of a chlorophyll meter and plant visual aspect to manage nitrogen fertigation in tomato -Paulo Cezar Rezende Fontes and Charles de Araujo (Brasil)
  • Growth and flowering response of snapdragons after release from apical dominance- Muhammad Munir and Farhat Naz (UK)
  • Postharvest control of soft rot fungi on grape berries by fungicidal treatment and Trichoderma-Y. A. Batta (Isreal)
  • Studies with thidiazuron on the vase life of cut rose flowers-Esmaeil Chamani,  Donald E. Irving,  Daryl C. Joyce, Younes Mostofi (Australia)
  • Assessment of genetic diversity and relationships among some grape varieties using ISSR markers  -Manjusha Dhane, S.A.Tamhankar, S.G. Patil, G.S. Karibasappaand V.S. Rao (India)
  • Growth behavior of apple cactus (Cereus species) in a hyper-arid environment- Ahmed A. ElObeidy (Egypt)
  • Nitrogen metabolism of Aloe vera under long-term diluted seawater irrigation - LIU Zhao-Pu, Zhao Geng-Mao, LIU Ling, Zheng Qing-Song (China)
  • Effect of mineral concentration on almond (Prunus amygdalus var. Benazir) explant growth in vitro -Mohammad E. Amiri (Iran)
  • Compact U, a novel lighting source for the propagation of some horticultural plants - D.T. Nhut, M.T. Ngoc Huong, D. V. Khiem and J. A. Teixeira da Silva (Vietnam)
  • Parthenocarpic ability and promotion of fruit swelling by gibberellin treatment in papaya- Fredah. K. Rimberia, S. Adaniya, M. Kawajiri, N. Urasaki, S. Kawano, T. Etoh and Y. Ishimine (Japan)
  • Relationship between soil and leaf mineral nutrient concentration and yield of selected citrus species- L. Andrews and R.A.I. Brathwaite (West Indies)
  • Comparison of bananas ripened by two methods for textural sale-grades -Sunita Singh and S.D. Kulkarni (India)
  • Chemical effect of reclaimed water on soil and rose tissue, planted in soil and tuff media- M.I. .Safi, A. Fardous. M. Muddaber. S. El-Zuraiqi L. Al-Hadidi. I. Bashabsheh (Jordan)
  • Impact of polyethylene glycol-induced water stress on growth and development of shoot tip cultures from different banana (Musa spp.) cultivars - K.H. Mohsen, Ebrahim, Ibrahim A. Ibrahim, Hamdy A. Emara, Ewald Komor (Egypt)
  • Partial ringing and liquid nitrogen effects on shoot growth and fruit quality of peach - J. M. Onguso, F.  Mizutani, A.B.M. Sharif Hossain and A. R. El-Shereif (Japan)
  • Constraints in production and marketing of pistachio in Iran and the policies concerned -Reza Sedaghat and S. Suryaprakash  (Iran)