JAH- Selected Contents of Volume 5(1), 2003

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Volume 5(1),  2003
 Research Papers
  • Interactive effect of irrigation and fertilization on the quality of apples Hanisko Lubomír (Slovak Republic)

  • Diagnosis of nutrient imbalances and derivation of new RPZI (Reference Population Zero Index) values using DRIS / MDRIS and CND approaches in the leaves of turmeric crop (Curcuma longa) – P.S. Senthil Kumar, S. Aruna Geetha, P. Savithri, R. Jagadeeswaran and P.P. Mahendran (India)

  • Performance of composted vine shoots as a peat alternative in casing materials for mushroom cultivation – Arturo Pardo, José Arturo de Juan and José Emilio Pardo (Spain)

  • Influence of pulsing and dry cool storage on cut spikes of tuberose cv. ‘Double’ - Vinod Kumar, S.K. Bhattacharjee, Suchitra and Krishan P. Singh (India)

  • Comparison of CVA, DRIS, MDRIS and CND norms in rhizomes of turmeric crop in Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu - P.S. Senthil Kumar, S. aruna Geetha, and P. Savithri (India)

  • Association of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae with ginger rhizosphere in northern India (Himachal Pradesh) - Sanjeev Sharma and N. P. Dohroo(India)

  • Genetical studies in mango (Mangifera indica L.) M.R. Dinesh (India)

  • Hybrid vigour in cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) under middle hill conditions of central Himalaya - Vandna Pandey, Z. Ahmed and Narendra Kumar (India)

  • Effect of fruit harvesting stages and processing treatments on the quality of sun dried fruits of lehsua (Cordia myxa Roxb.) - M. S. Fageria, Preeti Khandelwal and R.S. Dhaka (India)

  • Effect of water stress on growth and yield of Tenera oil palm
    - M. S. Gawankar, J.P. Devmore, B. M. Jamadagni, V. V. Sagvekar and H. Hameed Khan (India)

  • Correlation and path coefficient analysis of yield attributes in ber (Zizyphus spp.) - S. Pareek and R.S. Dhaka (India)

  • Ber germplasm screening and management of black leaf spot disease under Eastern U.P. conditions - Pradeep Kumar, H.K. Singh and R.P. Saxena (India)

  • Selection parameters for genetic improvement in Chenopodium grain in sodic soil - Atul Bhargava, Sudhir Shukla, R.S. Katiyar and Deepak Ohri (India)

  • Decision process under greenhouse - Sanjay K. Singh, Pitam Chandra and Krishan P. Singh (India)

  • Citrus canker – A review - A. K. Das (India)