Selected Contents of Volume 4(2), 2002

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Volume 4(2),  2002
 Research Papers
  • Studies on the relationships among moisture tension, microclimate and transpiration of container grown Acer rubrum
    Halil Kirnak, Ted H. Short  and R.C. Hansen (USA).
  • Yield and nitrogen recovery of lettuce under different irrigation regimes – F. Karam, O. Mounzer, F. Sarkis and R. Lahoud (Lebanon)
  • Induction of caulogenesis and somatic embryogenesis in Cucumis melo (var. Flexuosus) – Mohsen Hanana, Moncef Harrabi   and Mohamed Boussaïd (Tunisie)
  • Effect of preharvest  application of calcium nitrate, Topsin-M and Bayleton on post harvest life of aonla (Emblica officinalis Gaertn.) fruit – V.K. Yadav and H.K. Singh  (India)
  • Effect of days gap between flowering and corm lifting on the performance of forthcoming gladiolus summer season crop – Krishan P. Singh and Ramchandran (India)
  • Performance of bittergourd raised through transplanting of polyhouse grown seedlings and direct seeding done on different dates – N.C. Joshi and B.K. Srivastava (India)
  • In vitro micropropagation of Ananas comosus L. (Merr.) var. Queen–Asit B. Mandal, Aparna Maiti and R. Elanchezhian (India)
  • Effect of pulsing and wet cool storage on postharvest life and quality of rose cultivars–Vinod Kumar, S.K. Bhattacharjee and Suchitra (India)
  • Performance of Ber (Zizyphusm mauritiana Lamk.) cultivars under Tarai conditions of Uttar Pradesh – (India)
  • Effect of stionic combinations on growth and flowering of rose
    – (India)
  • Effect of  hand thinning stage on size, colour and yield of Flordaprince peaches (Prunus persica Batsch) – (India)
  • Genetic variability in early ripening grape genotypes–Ram Kumar, Shailendra Rajan, S.S. Negi and L.P. Yadava (India)