Selected Contents of Volume 15(2), 2013

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Volume 15(2),  2013
  • Molecular biology of Tomato spotted wilt virus: An update
    —Saurabh Kulshrestha, Anshul Sharma and Chandrika Attri Seth (India)

  • Differential response of citrus rootstocks to CuEDTA concentration in sand culture
    —Joseph P. Albano, Kim D. Bowman and P. Chris Wilson (USA)

  • Growth control and flower promotion of Salvia with benzyladenine foliar sprays
    —Dennis J. Carey, Barbara A. Fair, Wayne Buhler, Ingram McCall and Brian E. Whipker (USA)

  • Ecophysiological performance of eight Jatropha curcas L. provenances cultivated in Tunisia
    —Z. Nasr, M.L. Khouja, R. Aini, A. Hammadi, H.  Manai and B. Mimouni (Tunisia)

  • Effect of explants, bacterial cell density and overgrowth-control antibiotics on transformation efficiency in tomato(Solanum lycopersicum L.)
    —B.D. Pawar, A.S. Jadhav, A.A. Kale, V.P. Chimote and S.V. Pawar (India)

  • Effect of modified atmospheric packaging on chilling injury and shelf-life of custard apple fruits
    —R.A. Patil, D.V. Sudhakar Rao and B. Manasa (India)

  • Effect of plant bio-regulators on fruit growth, quality and productivity of pear [Pyrus pyrifolia (Brum.) Nakai] cv Gola under tarai condition
    —Manoj Kundu, Ritu Joshi, P.N. Rai and L.D. Bist (India)

  • An efficient selfing technique for inbred development—A prerequisite for hybrid production in petunia
    —K. Swathi, Tejaswini and K.V. Jayaprasad (India)

  • Performance of novel insecticide for management of onion thrips (Thrips tabaci L.)
    —Durga Singh, R.P.S. Shaktawat and I.S. Naruka (India)

  • Studies on parasitoid complex of mealybug infesting grapes in Maharashtra
    —U. Amala, D.S. Yadav and A.M. Bhosale (India)

  • Population dynamics of red pumpkin beetle on cucumber in mid-hill Himalayas
    —Sheikh Khursheed, Desh Raj and Nisar A. Ganie (India)

  • Nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) and nutrient contents of different n-sources by  Ocimum canum  grown using nutrient film technique (NFT)
    —Hassan A. Hamouda, A.A. El-Sayed, Mohamed M. El-Fouly,  A.A. Fawzi, B.M. Mansour and H.A. Bosila (Egypt)

  • Pollen storage and usefor enhancing fruit production in kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa A. Chev.)
    —Sharmistha Naik, Poonam and Vishal Rana (India)

  • Evaluation of makoi (Solanum nigrum L.) germplasm for growth, yield and quality
    —C.S. Ravi, B.S. Sreeramu, A.P. Mallikarjuna Gowda and G.R. Smitha (India)

  • Response of magnesium oxide treatment and methods of drying on quality of dried lasoda (Cordia myxa Roxb.) fruits
    —M.R. Choudhary, S. Dadheech, S.P. Singh and R.S. Dhaka (India)

  • Performance of different potato genotypes under aeroponics system
    —Margaret Chiipanthenga, Moses Maliro, Joyce Njoloma, Paul Demo and Navin Khumar (Malawi)

  • Mechanical planting depth, density and their impact on agronomic parameters of organic potato Solanum tuberosum L.
    —S. Chehaibi, B. Douh, El. B. Mohandes Dridi and M.W. Hadj Bechir (Tunisia)

  • Population dynamics and development of suitable pest management module against major insect pests of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)
    —S.M. Chavan, Sushil Kumar and S.S. Arve (India)