Selected Contents of Volume 13(1), 2011

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Volume 13(1),  2011
  • An improved protocol for rapid and efficient Agrobacterium mediated transformation of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)—M. Manamohan, M.N. Prakash, G. Sharath Chandra, R. Asokan and S.N. Nagesh (India)

  • Flower bud initiation in southern highbush blueberry cv. O’Neal occurs twice per year in temperate to warm-temperate conditionsMaría Pescie, Marcelo Lovisolo,  Alberto De Magistris, Bernadine Strik and César López (Argentina)

  • Evaluation of SPAD chlorophyll fluorescence for on-site nitrogen assessment in drip fertigated sweet corn—Lydia L.M. Kitonga-Mwanza, John Swiader and Richard M.S. Mulwa (USA, Kenya)

  • Induced chlorophyll mutations in Delphinium malabaricum (Huth) Munz.—Firdose Kolar, Nilesh  Pawar and Ghansham Dixit (India)

  • Walnut cracking deviceJosef Bukac (Czech Republic)

  • Development of a low cost hydroponics system and a formulation for the tropics —M.D.J.S. Saparamadu, W.A.P. Weerakkody, R.D. Wijesekera and H.D. Gunawardhana (Sri Lanka)

  • Performance of asparagus under the desert conditions of Arabian Peninsula: A pilot study—N. Kameswara Rao and Mohammed Shahid (UAE)

  • Salinity tolerance in Chrysanthemum morifoliumT.S. Rahi and Bajrang Singh (India)

  • Callus mediated plant regeneration of two cut flower cultivars of Anthurium andreanum Hort.—Sunila Kumari,, J.R. Desai and R.R. Shah (India)

  • Development of high frequency multiple shoots in the yellow cactus, Selenicereus megalanthus S.W. Goveas, S.K. Nivas and L.D. Souza (India)

  • Effect of pollen grain-water suspension spray on fruit set, yield and quality of ‘Helali’ date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)—Adel D. Al-qurashi (Saudi Arabia)

  • Effect of salinity and temperature on seed germination indices of Zinnia elegans L. —S. Zivdar, E. Khaleghi and F. Sedighi Dehkordi (Iran)

  • Impact of cefotaxime on in vitro shoot elongation and regeneration in banana (Musa acuminata)—Pooja Manchanda, Ajinder Kaur and Satbir Singh Gosal (India)

  • Combining ability for yield and associated traits in Sudanese okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.)collection—Y.A. ALKamal, A.I. Abdalla and A.A. Taha (Sudan)

  • Effects of mulching materials and NPK fertilizer on thegrowth, yield and quality of Telfairia occidentalisJ.O. Olaniyi and M.A. Ajao (Nigeria)

  • Response of Gaillardia aristata Pursh to salinityN.K. Rao and Mohammed Shahid(UAE)

  • Growth and yield of French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) under organic farmingM. Prabhakar, S.S. Hebbar and A.K. Nair (India)

  • Genetic variability in late kharif (Rangada) onion (Allium cepa L.)—R.K. Singh, S.R. Bhonde and R.P. Gupta (India)

  • Effect of Glomus fasciculatum on the growth andyield of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) in Meloidogyne incognita infested soil—Iniobong Edet Okon and Edet A. Imuk (Nigera)

  • Processing and quality evaluation of guava squashJ. Shankara Swamy and A.K. Banik (India)