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Volume 1(2),  1999
Research Papers
  • Effects of temperature on the flowering biology and fertilization of mangoes (Mangifera indica L.)Z.H. Shü
  • Hormonal physiology of flowering in Dashehari mangoSant Ram
  • Influence of coloured poly-covers on flowering of mangoB.S. Baghel, S.K. Pandey and B.K. Nema
  • Critical studies on the effect of growth regulators on in vitro shoot proliferation in Rosa x hybrida L. cv. Sonia for micropropagationS.K. Singh and M.M. Syamal
  • Kanamycin sensitivity in cultured tissues of cauliflowerSonali Dixt and D.K. Srivastava
  • Effect of defoliation, decapitation and deblossoming on fruit bud differentiation in guava (Psidium guajava L.) Gorakh Singh, A.K. Singh and S. Rajan
  • Physico-chemical characteristics of some ber varieties in relation to fruit fly incidenceP.K. Arora, Nirmal Kaur, R.C. Batra and N.K. Mehrotra
  • Evaluation of mango cultivars for arid – irrigated region of Punjab J.N. Sharma, J.S. Josan, S.K. Thind and P.K. Arora
  • Effect of modified atmosphere packaging and ethanol on the deastringency process in jamun (Syzygium cuminii) fruitMajeed Mohammed and Lynda Wickham
  • Influence of post harvest treatment with vapour heat and hydrogen peroxide based chemical on the quality of mango cv. BaneshanR K. Pal, R.J. Thomas, Sangeeta Gupta, B. Lal and N. M. Singh
  • Rheological properties of Dashehari mangoA.K.Verma and M.D.Singh
  • Effect of packaging material and mode of pack on the quality of ripe mango powder—  V. R. Sagar and D.S. Khurdiya
  • Studies on the preharvest application of chemicals on shelf-life of aonla (Emblica officinalis Gaertn.) fruits at ambient temperatureV.K. Yadav and H.K. Singh
  • Response of Cavendish banana to different nitrogen levels and their split applications D.B. Singh and M.A. Suryanaryana
  • Effect of black polythene and rice husk mulch on chemical composition of pineapple Prasanta Das and Binita Hazarika
  • Forecasting model for veneer grafting success in mango S. Rajan, G.C. Sinha and B. Lal
  • Studies on the propagation of bael (Aegle marmelos. Correa) by different grafting methods in West Bengal conditionsC.S. Maiti, A. Nath and S.K. Sen
  • Influence of rootstocks on fruit drop in Kinnow mandarin under concept of dense plantingR.R.Sharma, A.M. Goswami, S.K.Saxena and Anil Shukla
  • Effect o mode of irrigation on the growth of cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata)Prabhat Srivastava and H.S. Chauhan
  • Comparative performance of cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) under different irrigation methods Prabhat Srivastava and H.S. Chauhan
  • Combining ability and stability analysis in bittergourd (Momordica Charantia L.)G.R Matoria and R.C. Khandelwal
  • Growth, yield and quality performance of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) genotypes in mid altitudes of MeghalayaR. Chandra, Sheo Govind and A.R. Desai
  • Effect of planting time on plant growth, flower and spike production of tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.) H.P. Mishra
  • A report on the Sixth International Mango SymposiumSuranant Subhadrabandhu
  • Wilt disease of guava: A national problem S.K. Dwivedi and Padmanabh Dwivedi