SELECTED CONTENTS OF Volume 1(1), 1999

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Volume 1(1),  1999
 Research Papers
  • Tree shaping strategies for higher density mango orchardsP.J.C. Stassen, H.G. Grove and S.J. Davie (S Africa)
  • Standard grades for Mexican mangoes an application methodology Raginaldo, Baez-Sunado, Bruingas-Taddei and A. Rodriguez-Flix (Mexico)
  • Antibiotics as an aid for in vitro establishment of shoot tips from field grown papaya plants of cv Pusa Nanha for mass cloningS.K. Singh, H.C. Sharma and S.P. Singh (India)
  • Position on the tree affects fruit quality of Bald-Cut Wax applesZen-hong Shu (Taiwan)
  • Fruit bud differentiation and contribution of different flushes towards annual yield of guava Gorakh Singh, S. Rajan, A.K. Singh and D. Pandey (India)
  • Breeding for dwarf genotypes in mangoI.S. Yadav and M.R. Dinesh (India)
  • Residual effect of paclobutrazol on growth, yield and quality of mango cultivarsManish Srivastava and Sant Ram (India)
  • Anthocyanins of Anthurium andreanum Lind. Presence of an unknown pigment—Nirmala, K. S., F. Singh and M. V. Chandravadana (India)
  • Variability patterns in guava (Psidium guajava L.) seedlings for tree volume and trunk girthH.S. Rattanpal and G.S. Dhaliwal
  • Improvement of some under utilized fruits through selectionI.S. Singh, A.K. Srivastava and V. Singh
  • Litchi shoot bud culture for micropropagationR. Chandra and J.C. Padaria
  • Specific gravity and its influence on fruit maturity of mango cv. BaneshanC.K.Narayana, R.K.Pal and Susanta K.Roy
  • Time and temperature effect on stability of processed kinnow mandarin juiceGhorai, D.S. Khurdiya, S.R. Chatterjee and S.T. Shende
  • Evaluation of plum (P. salicina Lindl.) cultivars under arid irrigated regions of PunjabP.S. Aulakh
  • Effect of foliar application of urea, GA3 and ZnSO4 on seedling growth of two citrus speciesSheo Govind and I.P. Singh
  • Effect of mulching cum irrigation frequency on Dwarf Cavendish banana under subtropics of BiharRam Kumar and H.P. Singh
  • Seasonal variation in success of softwood grafting of tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.)S.G. Bharad, S.V. Gholap, V.N. Dod and S.R. Bople
  • Horticulture research in IndiaInfrastructure, achievements, impact, needs and expectations—K.L. Chadha
  • Research preparedness for accelerated growth of horticulture in IndiaS.P. Ghosh
  • Mango malformationSant Ram and V. K. Yadav