Selected Contents of Volume 10(1), 2008

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Volume 10(1),  2008
  • Reduced ethylene production in transgenic carnations transformed with ACC oxidase cDNA in sense orientation- Takayuki Inokuma, Tomoyuki Kinouchi and Shigeru Satoh ( Japan )
  • Effects of high temperature on floral development and flowering in spray chrysanthemum-Kouju Nozaki and Seiichi Fukai ( Japan )
  • Factors affecting fruit abortion in a gynoecious cucumber cultivar -A. Tazuke, P. Boonkorkaew, S. Hikosaka and N. Sugiyama ( Japan )
  • Genetics of corolla colour in periwinkle: relationship between genes determining violet, orange-red and magenta corolla-R.N. Kulkarni, K. Baskaran and Y. Sreevalli ( India )
  • Internal quality characterization and isolation of lycopene specific genes from tomato -E. Hemaprabha and R. Balasaraswathi ( India )
  • Flowering time and concentration of secondary metabolites in floral organs of
    Hypericum perforatum are affected by spectral quality
    -Tetsuro Nishimura, Naoka Hashimoto, Sayed M. A. Zobayed and Eiji Goto ( Japan )
  • Phenolics and parthenolide levels in feverfew ( Tanacetum parthenium ) are inversely affected by environmental factors -Jorge M. Fonseca, James W. Rushing, Nihal C. Rajapakse, Ronald L. Thomas and Melissa B. Riley (USA)
  • Improved plant regeneration in cowpea through shoot meristem -Muthusamy Manoharan, Sharmin Khan and James O. Garner (USA)
  • Rapid in vitro propagation of grapevine cv. Crimson Seedless-Influence of basal media and plant growth regulators -A. Nookaraju, S.M Barreto and D.C. Agrawal ( India )
  • Effect of heavy manuring of phosphorous and its toxicity on growth, photosynthesis and photosynthetic pigments in Zn-efficient genotype of spearmint MSS-5 -A. Misra and P. Singh ( India )
  • Evaluation of composted biosolid waste as an amendment to a standard horticultural nursery mix for container grown Callicarpa and Ilex production -Anthony W. Kahtz ( USA )
  • Evaluation of seasonal nutrient status in the leaves of different olive varieties grown on calcareous soils-M.M. El-Fouly, S.H.A. Shaaban and A.A. El-Sayed ( Egypt )
  • Evaluation of zinnia cultivars for field grown cut flower production-R. Crofton Sloan and Susan S. Harkness (USA)
  • Growth and yield of grape as influenced by soil-site parameters in Nasik district of Maharashtra -H.S. Balpande, O. Challa and Jagdish Prasad ( India )
  • In vitro propagation schedule of Picrorhiza kurroa : An endangered medicinal plant of Central Himalaya -Ruchi Bist, H. Punetha, A.K. Gaur and L.D. Bist ( India )
  • A comparison of three mathematical models of response to applied nitrogen using lettuce -Sadeghi Pour Marvi Mahdi ( Iran )
  • Comparison of conventional fertilization and vermicompost use for basil cultivation-Liliana Marbán, Lidia Giuffré, Marta Riat, Romina Romaniuk and Ernesto Giardina (Argentina)
  • Chilling requirement studies on flower buds in some male pistachio genotypes ( Pistacia vera L.) -F. Nazoori, A. Talaie and A. Javanshah ( Iran )