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Journal of Applied Horticulture. 2000 publ 2001: 2(1): 31-33

Studies on postharvest changes in sapota (Achras sapota L.) at ambient storage conditions

Singh, D B; Suryanarayana, M A; Attri, B L

Central Agricultural Research Institute, Port Blair - 744 101, India.

Various chemical changes were studied during ripening of four sapota (Achras zapota [Manilkara zapota]) cultivars, viz. Cricket Ball, Ever Bearer, Bangalore Giant and Calcutta Round, at ambient temperature (25-30 degrees C) and relative humidity of 70-90%. Significant changes during storage were recorded in physico-chemical constituents of all the cultivars studied. The ripening process started first in Ever Bearer and its total soluble solid contents, total sugars, reducing sugars and ascorbic acid accumulation declined after 4 days. All the cultivars had a storage life of 6 days whereas Ever Bearer could only be stored for 2 days at ambient temperature.


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