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Journal of Applied Horticulture. 2001: 3(1): 58-59

Phenotypic stability in late season garden pea

Pan, R S; Prasad, V S R K; Mathura Rai

ICAR Research Complex for Northern Region, HAFRP, Ranchi - 834 010, India.

The phenotypic stability of pea cultivars DRP-3, VL-3, JP-83, KS-226, KS-225, Bonneville and HC-30+36 was evaluated in a field experiment conducted in Ranchi, Bihar, India during 1994-98 to identify stable and high-yielding cultivars suitable for late sowing. Significant differences among the cultivars tested in terms of crop yield, number of days to flowering, pod length and breadth, seed number per pod, 100-green seed weight and shelling percentage were observed. KS-225 was stable for green pod yield under late-sown, favourable conditions, and for pod length and breadth under unfavourable environments. DRP-3 was stable for early flowering under favourable environments. KS-226 was stable for pod breadth and number of seeds per pod under unfavourable environments. VL-3 and JP-83 were stable for number of seeds per pod under unfavourable environments.


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