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Journal of Applied Horticulture. 2001: 3(1): 37-40

Influence of pruning date on fruit yield of guava (Psidium guajava L.) under subtropics

Gorakh Singh; Singh, A K; Shailendra Rajan

Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture, Rehmankhera, P. O. Kakori, Lucknow - 227 107, India.

A trial was conducted in Uttar Pradesh, India, to determine the effect of pruning dates on guava fruit yield. During 1991-93, fifteen trees, each of cultivars Sardar and Allahabad Safeda were pruned in the first week of February, March, April, May and June. During 1994-95, nine trees each of Allahabad Safeda and Sardar were pruned on 15 and 30 April, May and June. Six trees, each of Allahabad Safeda and Sardar were pruned on 15 and 30 May and June during 1995-96. Six trees each of Allahabad Safeda and Sardar were pruned during 1996-98. Compared to pruning in February and March, pruning from April through June, enhanced the number of shoots and flowering percentage. Shoot growth was reduced in May- and June-pruned trees. The total yield during winter increased significantly (P0.05) in May- and June-pruned trees than the unpruned trees of both cultivars. May pruning significantly increased the harvest in the winter season. Pruning from February to March did not respond well for winter fruiting. Penetration of photosynthetic photon flux was generally greater in canopies of pruned trees during May and June. In all the years, May pruning significantly increased the quantum of fruit yield harvestable in December and January.


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