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Journal of Applied Horticulture. 2004: 6(2): 39-42

Improvement of postharvest quality of tomato fruits by ethanol vapour treatment

Thakur, A K; Pandey, M

Division of Plant Physiology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi - 110 012, India.

Mature-green tomato fruits (cv. 'Bombay') were exposed to ethanol vapour at 0, 1, 2, or 4 ml/kg for 24 hours at 25 degrees C. Ripening was measured as a change in fruit colour. Ethanol treatment delayed fruit ripening which was concentration dependent. Higher concentration of ethanol vapour delayed tomato fruit ripening for more days. Postharvest treatment of ethanol vapour to tomato fruits showed higher TSS, lower acidity, higher brix:acid ratio and high sugar content compared to untreated fruits. The relative association of applied ethanol concentration showed a negative association with acidity and a positive association with sugar content at red-ripe stage. There was a negative relationship between titratable acidity and sugar content in ripe tomato fruit. Postharvest use of ethanol improves the sensory quality of fruits after complete ripening.


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