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Journal of Applied Horticulture. 2000: 2(2): 127-129

Growth, flowering and multiplication in gladiolus cultivar 'Aarti' as affected by grades of mother corm and cormel

Singh, K P

Floriculture Laboratory, Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Hessaraghatta Lake, PO, Bangalore - 560 089, India.

The influence of 9 grades of mother planting material on the vegetative growth, flowering, and multiplication of gladiolus (Gladiolus sp.) cv. 'Aarti' was studied. The largest size grade (>6.00 to <6.50 cm diameter) produced significantly higher number of leaves per plant, girth of scape, number of florets per spike, and weight and diameter of corm. The greater height of plant, length of spike and rachis, and number of flower spike per plant were produced by corm size of (>5.10 to <6.00 cm diameter). Number 1 (>3.80 to <5.10 cm diameter) corm grade produced maximum diameter of second floret and number of cormels per plant. Number 2 corm grade (>3.20 to <3.80 cm diameter) produced higher number of cormels per plant and their corresponding weight. One hundred percent of corms flowered up to No.3 grade; flowering percentage was reduced as corm size decreased. The highest percentage of propagation coefficient was obtained with No. 6 grade corm.


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