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Journal of Applied Horticulture. 2000: 2(2): 94-95

Effect of surface sterilizing agents on in vitro culture establishment of guava (Psidium guajava L.)

Meghwal, P R; Sharma, H C; Singh, S K

Division of Fruits and Horticultural Technology, IARI, New Delhi - 110 012, India.

A method was standardized for the quick establishment of aseptic cultures in guava from mature field-grown stock plants for micropropagation through enhanced axillary branching technique. The maximum number of aseptic explants with shoot proliferation was obtained by a combination of surface sterilizing agents involving hydrogen peroxide (10%), silver nitrate (0.25%), and mercuric chloride (0.05%) treatment of explants one by one for five, six, and three minutes, respectively. The problem of phenolic browning was also minimized to a great extent by leaching of phenolic compounds due to agitation in antioxidant solution as well as by proper drying of explant prior to inoculation.


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