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Jour. Appl. Hort., 1999, 1(1)48-50
2001 Society for Advancement of Horticulture

Evaluation of plum (Prunus salicina Lindl.) cultivars under arid irrigated region of Punjab.
Aulakh, P. S.     
Punjab Agricultural University, Regional Fruit Research Station, Abohar-152116, Punjab, India.
Plum (P. salicina ) cultivars Alubokhara, Kala Amritsari, Kataru Chak, Ladakh, Lalri, Titron and Zardalu Yellow were studied at Regional Fruit Research Station, Bhatinda for their floral, morphological, yield and physico-chemical characteristics. Titron was the earliest to flower (7 February) and Alubokhara the last (28 February). The largest flower size (2.4 cm) was in Ladakh. The maximum number of flowers per spur as well as flowers per 30-cm shoot length were recorded in Zardalu Yellow whereas maximum stamens per flower were observed in Titron and spurs per 30-cm shoot length in Kala Amritsari. The cultivar Titron gave the highest fruit yield (36 kg/tree) and Lalri the lowest (14.7 kg/tree). The maximum fruit weight (13.5 g) and largest fruit size (2.7 x 2.7 cm) were obtained from Titron whereas Lalri produced fruits with the lowest weight (5.7 g) and smallest size (2.0 x 2.2 cm). The lowest stone weight was recorded in Lalri (0.4 g) followed by Kala Amritsari (0.6 g) and Titron (0.7 g). Lalri produced fruits with the highest TSS (16.1%) followed by Titron (13.8%) and Kala Amritsari (11.8%). High acid content was recorded in the fruits of Zardalu Yellow (1.6%) and the lowest in Lalri (0.6%). On the basis of these characteristics, the cultivars Titron and Kala Amritsari are rated suitable for cultivation in the irrigated arid regions of the Indian Punjab.
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